what is driven: school of opportunity?

DRIVEN: School of Opportunity is providing the framework for students to do great things and follow their individual passions to achieve successful careers or college degrees after high school graduation through this unique program.

Our goal through DRIVEN is to provide your student with a quality education that provides flexibility of learning pace and allows students to have more voice and choice in planning their educational pathways. All policies and procedures outlined in the PCSSD Student Handbook will apply to DRIVEN students. The following guidelines will be helpful to you and your student as you decide which pathway will serve your educational needs through DRIVEN.

DRIVEN: school of opportunity MISSION

In order to envision something new, we reimagined learning. We created a system designed to meet all learners where they are and that allows each student to reach his or her full potential through mastery of core knowledge as well as the skills and dispositions that promote lifelong success. In this flexible, personalized system, the student is at the center of all learning opportunities, and experiences are intentionally designed to support, challenge, engage, and excite. Students will master the core competencies that will lead to careers or continued academic endeavors.


Interested students need to contact their principal or counselor about applying for DRIVEN: School of Opportunity. In order to be successful in the program, students must be willing to take ownership of their learning. The program requires students to put in the time required to:

  • Spend time with teacher mentors
  • Independently work at school and home
  • Willingness to participate in internships and projects

Students must be willing to make a one-year commitment to the program. Students must also be willing to take part in an atmosphere that includes online and face-to-face learning; as well as, work at their own pace to master rigorous content.