Happy Father's Day! How will you honor the father figures in your life today? #pcssdproud #serveall
3 days ago, PCSSD
Father's Day
Did you know? The United States adopted the American flag on this day in 1777 — 247 years ago! #pcssdproud #serveall
5 days ago, PCSSD
Flag Day
June is Great Outdoors Month! Every week, we'll share a fun outdoor activity. This week: biking! Pulaski County offers trails for every skill level. Try taking a family bike ride on the paved Southwest Trail to the Children's Library & Learning Center. #pcssdproud #serveall
5 days ago, PCSSD
Great Outdoors Month - Biking
Happy Caribbean American Heritage Month! Since 2006, the U.S. has set aside June to highlight the culture and heritage of Caribbean Americans — including immigrants from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago. #pcssdproud #serveall
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Caribbean American Heritage Month
Happy Family Health and Fitness Day! Adding exercise and healthy foods to your family routine is a team effort. Fun tip: Cooking together helps families find the flavors that fit their taste and nutrition goals. #pcssdproud #serveall
11 days ago, PCSSD
Family Health & Fitness Day
June is Great Outdoors Month! Every week, we'll share a fun outdoor activity. This week: hiking! Pulaski County offers trails for every skill level. Take it easy on Kingfisher Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park or reach new heights on Rattlesnake Ridge. #pcssdproud #serveall
12 days ago, PCSSD
Take a Hike
On June 6th, 1944, Allied forces launched the largest seaborne invasion in military history. Known as D-Day, the operation, centered on Normandy beach, started the liberation of Europe that would eventually end WWII 11 months later. #pcssdproud #serveall
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Starting this week, PCSSD will offer 5-day meal boxes every Thursday for households with children ages 2-18. There will be two pick up locations: MILLS UNIVERSITY STUDIES HIGH and CATO ELEMENTARY. Boxes can be picked up 7-11am. https://www.pcssd.org/article/1618697 #pcssdproud #serveall
16 days ago, PCSSD
Summer Meal Boxes
National Family Month perfectly coincides with the end of school & the increase of family time. Your family can plug in during this season (and beyond!) by adding a Family Night to your weekly schedule, eating meals together and tackling chores as a group. #pcssdproud #serveall
17 days ago, PCSSD
National Family Month
One of the best ways to beat summer slide? Reading! These BAKER students worked hard all year to become Word Millionaires and were rewarded with a t-shirt & more! We bet the habits they built will bring many more reading adventures to come. Way to go! #pcssdproud #serveall
18 days ago, Baker Elementary
Baker Elementary Word Millionaires
Baker Elementary Word Millionaires
Yesterday was for students... teachers, now it's your turn. Happy last day of school for you! Time to cue the last-day-of-school-happy-dance! #pcssdproud #serveall
21 days ago, PCSSD
Last Day of School for Teachers
Happy last day of school! It’s been a wonderful year of learning and fun. Here’s to a safe summer for our students, staff and families. What’s on your summer schedule? #pcssdproud #serveall
22 days ago, PCSSD
Last Day of School
The holiday weekend was nice, but don't forget there is still one more day of school left. Tomorrow (May 28) is the last day of school for students! See you tomorrow. #pcssdproud #serveall
23 days ago, PCSSD
Last Day Reminder
Join us as we honor members of the U.S. Armed Forces who died during military service. As a family, consider commemorating Memorial Day with a moment of silence at 3pm. #pcssdproud #serveall
23 days ago, PCSSD
Memorial Day
Celebrated in May to commemorate the arrival of the first Jewish immigrants to New Amsterdam in 1654, Jewish American Heritage Month honors the history and cultural contributions of Jewish Americans. #pcssdproud #serveall
24 days ago, PCSSD
Jewish American Heritage Month
Better Speech and Hearing Month is the perfect chance to fine tune how you protect your and your family’s hearing. Good rule of thumb: Keep headphone volume below 60% and use noise cancelling earphones instead of turning the volume up. #pcssdproud #serveall
25 days ago, PCSSD
Better Speech and Hearing Month
PCSSD celebrated 27 school-level teachers at its 4th annual awards ceremony this morning. We're excited to announce Jeanie Wilcoxon from CHENAL ELEMENTARY was named the 2023-2024 PCSSD Teacher of the Year! Check out her story: https://www.pcssd.org/article/1614746 #pcssdproud #serveall
27 days ago, PCSSD
PCSSD Teacher of the Year
Baker Elementary Word Millionaires! Our students in 2nd-5th grades rose to the challenge and read over 1,000,000 words this school year! Students received a t-shirt, a certificate, brag tags and were featured on the Baker Broadcast! We set a record this year for the most Word Millionaires! We also had 7 "Multi-Millionaires" this year!! These students took the challenge to a new level by reading 2 million, 3 million and one student read 4 million words this school year! For going above and beyond these hard-working students received additional prizes!
28 days ago, Baker Elementary
million word reader
million word reader
Baker is ending the school year with a BANG, the bronco way! At our blue carpet event principal, Dr. Essel, awarded teachers and staff with certificates that represent their personalities and strengths as teachers. Some teachers were not pictured but are greatly appreciated! As a surprise to the teachers and staff, Attorney, @Denese Fletcher at Fletcher Law firm and Interior Designer, @Shawn Norwood with Norwood Design Group donated gift cards to raffle off to the teachers during the ceremony. PCSSD holds special memories in their heart as their mother/grandmother was one of the first African American teachers to teach right here in our feeder pattern at Joe T. Robinson High School. Thank you to both companies for your support. We look forward to a long lasting partnership
28 days ago, Baker Elementary
baker teacher award
baker teacher award
baker teacher award
baker teacher award
baker teacher award
PCSSD is excited to announce that we will be opening a school based health clinic this fall that will be open to all students and staff. This clinic is a partnership with Mainline Health Systems, Inc. We are excited to offer a multitude of health services to PCSSD! Read more: https://www.pcssd.org/article/1608188 #pcssdproud #serveall
29 days ago, PCSSD
mainline health