Biscuit Challenge SHES

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- Deputy Superintendent Alesia Smith organized a district reading challenge for all fourth grade students in PCSSD. Students are reading "Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World" by Mildred Walter. 

As part of the challenge, Superintendent Dr. Charles McNulty and Ms. Smith are incorporating various elements of learning beyond reading the book. Students will have a chance for a question and answer session with Dr. McNulty and Ms. Smith about the book. These fourth graders will also write a summary once they finish reading the book.

A unique twist to the reading challenge involves making biscuits! By the time the school year is over, every fourth grade class in the district will have had a chance to make biscuits while taking their turn reading this book.

Students have the chance to incorporate other areas of learning like math, science and writing during this process. Additionally, these fourth grade students are learning the importance of working in small groups while making their biscuits.

Ms. Smith kicked off the reading challenge with biscuit-making at Sylvan Hills Elementary on Friday, November 8th.